Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Free Apricots!

Today Mom and I picked Apricots for an hour, and I liked it!  I felt at home in the trees picking fruit, like I had been doing it my whole life.  The best part is the apricots were free, the key to getting free fruit is networking in your community.  It is one of those instances of its not what you know, but who you know.  The best part was seeing the hubby climb the latter and stand of the roof to pick apricots.  There is nothing better then working on a project together to strengthen your bond.  OK back to apricots.  After we got home I had no clue what to do with these little balls.  Dad will eat them, but not 40+ pounds of them.  I had to call a friend and admit I'm a bad homesteader.  I will share what I learned: You don't need to peel apricots!  I was wondering how was I going to peel them all.  Glad I won't have to.  To dry them I simply washed them and cut them in half.  I will be making them into jam, and will share the recipe I find later this week.  I'm counting this as part of our food storage, looks like I have at least another day worth of food. 

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