Sunday, September 2, 2012

Making the Most of Your Harvest: Chicken

Saturday as I was packaging chicken for the freezer, I came upon the necks, butts, and wishbones.  I did not want to freeze them.  I knew we would not eat them, but I didn't want them to go to waste.  Whats a girl to do?  I made chicken stock.  The recipe is super easy.

Assorted Chicken Pieces
3 Stocks Celery
2 Small Onions
5 Baby Carrots
5 Cloves of Garlic
Fresh Basil
Fresh Sage
Fresh Thyme

I started by tying up my herbs in cheese cloth, so I would have a easier time making sure my broth was clear.  I then added everything to my crock pot and letting its simmer for over 24 hours, on low.

9:00 Saturday Morning

9:00 Saturday Night

1:40 Sunday Afternoon

Straining out the junk

This is what would have been in my broth.
After I let it simmer on low for 24 hours I strain the broth.  All of my cheese cloth was dirty so I used a clean washcloth.  I will bag this up and freeze it.  If you wish to can this head over to The Welcoming House.  Heather is amazing, and a canning genius.  She just finished doing a canning spotlight on meat.  I on the other hand have never used my pressure canner.