Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our Second Coop

Sorry there is no pretty picture, but I wanted to share that we have officially started on our second chicken coop today.  Our first one was built by my dad and some friends of the family.  We have had it for the last nine or so years and it currently houses our Blue/Green flock.  I've felt like I should add a few more hens but wanted to add Brown layers.  If you mix your blue layers with brown layers you get Olive Eggers.  Although the eggs are beautiful, and I've got some Olive Eggers in the incubator I would like to have blue,green,brown,and pink eggs.  Anyway all of this means I need a second coop.  In the spirit of reusing what is around the community I've decided to use pallets.  Don't let me fool you, I also don't have the money to build one with all new materials.  As for today's work, we started taking off the front wood of the pallet, and using that to make a new front that is solid wood.  So far so good and we have 4 complete pallets done.  I'm looking forward to getting these little one's out of the house.

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